Regie: Christel Buschmann

Original version: English

Runtime: 105 min.

Certificate: 16

Director: Christel Buschmann

Writer: Christel Buschmann

Cast: Eric Burdon, Julie Carmen, Michael Cavanaugh, Blair Ashleigh, John Aprea, Blackie Dammet, Emily Woods, Edwin Craig, Louisiana Red, Rosa King, Bob Lockwood a.o.

Cinematographer: Frank Brühne

Editor: Jane Seitz

Art direction: Max Mendes (Los Angeles)  Heidrun Brandt, Georg von Kieseritzky (Berlin)

Costume design: Sigrid Rothe

Sound: Christian Moldt (Los Angeles), Lothar Mankewitz (Berlin)

Music: Eric Burdon / Soundtrack LP COMEBACK / Line Records 1982/ THE COMEBACK SOUNDTRACK CD / Line Records 1994

Production managers: Pieter Jan Brugge (Los Angeles), Gerhard von Halem (Berlin)

Production companies: Rocco-Film Christel Buschmann, von Vietinghoff Filmproduktion (VVF), Projekt-Film im Filmverlag der Autoren

Producers: Christel Buschmann, Jochen von Vietinghoff, Wolf-Dietrich Brücker (WDR)

Distributor / Germany: Filmverlag der Autoren

Release dates:

- Westgermany, April 23, 1982

- Spain, August 18, 1982

- Australia, November 3, 1983

- Portugal, May 25,  1984

- Poland, 1983

- Italy, 1983

- Greece, 1984


Snuffy Walden (Guitar), Ronnie Barron (Piano), Terry Wilson (Bass), Tony Braunagle (Drums), Michael Ruff (Keyboards), Nippi Noya (Percussion), Rosa King (Saxophone), Pat Couchois (Guitar), Chris Couchois (Drums), Howard Messer (Bass), John Sterling (Guitar).

Eric Burdon, No More Elmore


By C. Andrews on February 9, 2012:

The only complaint I have is the remark made by "Beaumont" in 2010. Never, Ever give a clue, any clue, or talk about anything regarding the ending of a movie. You could have left that comment out of your review, but I still bought it anyway because I am a hugh, long time Eric Burdon fan. I am not a film critic, I just know what I like & do not like. I am a hugh movie collector. This movie is not a blockbuster it's more of what I call a "B" movie; however, Eric Burdon's performance was awesome and in my opinion able to carry the movie by himself. I really do not understand why he never pursued acting. He is really a very good actor. In the movie he brought real life emotions when his part called for it. Drama, comical, humility, sincerity, passion, out of control, human emotions. Eric's singing performance was like looking at him in person at one of his concerts when he was younger. The songs that he wrote personally & the songs others wrote for this movie, when he was performing them in the movie he put so much of his heart & soul into each song with that deep gravel voice. If you are an Eric Burdon fan I highly recommend this movie. Focus on his amazing singing voice & performance on stage. I will watch this movie over & over just to watch & hear him singing. He's awesome. I wish they would put this movie on DVD. VHS Tapes evently will go bad,break not play anymore. I hope someone out there has the sense to preserve these old movies. Especially this one.

By DJ on February 5, 2011:

I recently found this movie on Amazon, I have been looking for it for a while on and off. I saw it in the 80's and remembered it as being COOL. I won't tell you much because I don't want to ruin the movie but if you can find it get it...Eric Burdon is a great performer and a pretty good actor.... Great Music...

By Lety on August 25, 2012:

La película "Comeback" es un interesante trabajo de Eric Burdon, de corte más o menos autobiográfico. Una de sus ventajas es que incluye varios números musicales donde el talento interpretativo del británico es evidente.

Recibí la caja con la película (en formato VHS) en el tiempo en que fue prometida. La cita está en muy buenas condiciones.

By Beaumont on July 19, 2010:


I used to own this.

Made the fatal mistake of lending it out.

The new owner claims it got shredded, so he dumped it.

Yeah right!!!!!!!!

This is one of those movies, that if you watched it, you'd keep finding a reason to do so again and again.

Like Purple Rain, it does not date.

This one though, does not have the happy ending.

So, if you start watching whilst feeling blue, you will probably end up being suicidal.

Great music though, might cheer you up inbetween the downers.

Now has anybody out there got a new copy for me??

Love is...

Eric Burdon, Animals, Pretty Things, Them, Yardbirds, etc, etc,......

Beaumont Cooper.

By julian-thome on May 22, 2009:

"Comeback" starring the world's greatest singer, Eric Burdon. It took me a long time to see this movie. Finally I got it. I saw some music clips on Youtube from this clip and read how many songs this movie features and I thought it's impossible to get all these songs in 100 minutes. In fact, they put more songs in it than I expected. Burdon is singing throughout the story, on stage and there is many soundtrack anyway.

The acting is very natural and the story is about music business, wishes for freedom, sex, drugs and much more. Burdon plays Rocco and goes through the hell in this movie, like he did in his musical career. The story and the actors have many faces, it's an art film with touches of a mainstream motion picture. The most important songs are "Sweet Blood Call", "Who Gives A F**k", "The Road", "It Hurts Me Too", "Crawling King Snake", "Bird On The Beach" ( a song about freedom etc.), "You Can't Kill My Spirit". Other songs included are "House of the Rising Sun", "Take it Easy", Streetwalker" and many, many more.

Other well-known actors are Julie Carmen, Michael Cavanaugh and Dan van Husen. "When you're dead, you're great". It's a real great and hard to get movie, buy it if you have the chance to.....

A once-famous blues singer, whose career has taken a downturn tries to get back on top.


Mediabook BLURAY/ DVD/ und CD (Soundtrack)

Original Version: ENGLISH






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Eric Burdon, Take It Easy

Eric Burdon, It Hurts Me Too